Do you feel like hitting or beating someone in your life?

@navonly (901)
April 18, 2009 11:11am CST
I know many people here are among those, who don't like any kind of violence still must be having problem at least one person in this world, whom they want to hit hard. I want to hit a guy named Rohit really very hard. He was my classmate in 7th Grade, and was the son of of one of the Senior Teacher of our school. He was very weak in studies so use to copy from me during exams. Still in Grade 7th I was failed with a blame that I copied him, and he was promoted to next class. I really want to hit this person once at least. Do you have anyone in your list, whom you wish to hit hard?
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18 Apr 09
Ha ha.. I don think u ve to hit him.. U jus ve to write a letter to the head to look in yr n his records n see who mite copy whom! U could ve took help f yr parents.. Hmm .. Actually i never hit anyone intentionally as yet since m very self controlled n calm. But ya i do hit people hard wit my words.. without any abuses .. N many cant stand tat! Remember .. Hurting in the outside heals soon but hurting someone in the inside keeps hurting dem everytime de see you.. U know wat to do now.. :) Tick! I would hit a small peck on yr head now n say ' use yr mind dan strength now on' .. He he.. Take care my friend..
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@navonly (901)
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19 Apr 09
ops! thats really a hard hit dear friend. lol!! hahaha.. well.. I took a lot of initiative for putting up my point that time, but as that classmate was the son of senior teacher of the school, they were not ready to listen to any thing. Finally I just left that School, and took admission in another school