My Mini City

United States
April 18, 2009 11:37am CST
Does anyone here have a city on the website My Mini City? I created my city on there last year and at the moment of posting this has 705 inhabitants. The way it works is that when you create your city, you start out with one citizen. There are links you're supposed to give people that will increase or improve a certain aspect of your city. There are links for population, industry, business, security, transportation, and environment. Basically you give people one of these links to visit and it will be improved (I believe it's set up where each individual person can only visit once per day). This is the link to mine: Please visit it for me! If you have one, I'll visit yours too. Anyone here have one besides me?
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@KupoSin (680)
• United States
18 Apr 09
i think ive seen this before. what exactly do you do? is there like a goal you have to reach?
• United States
18 Apr 09
There's really no 'official' goal to all of it. I guess it's just whatever you want to make like reaching one million inhabitants and so forth.
@lampar (7597)
• United States
20 Apr 09
I will pay a visit to your mini city to see what is in it, surprise to know mylot has a mayor on board. lol!!!
• Netherlands
19 Apr 09
Sounds fun, maybe I'll the game when I have some more free time. How much time do you spend at a day at this game?