Recurring dream. Do you have any?

@nzalheart (2352)
April 18, 2009 12:51pm CST
Well some people say they have recurring them...But I did never have any recurring dream...Also once my best friend had told be that his one dream has recurred once or twice.... Please share, if you have any recurring dream in your life? What do you think is the reason behind it... Thanks in advance for the response...
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@larish (2195)
• Philippines
18 Apr 09
If I sleep disoriented - like I am mad or stress, I end up having a bad dream. Although, it is not the same scene but the intense of the bad dream is the same. The theme usually in I was running to nowhere, I was in unknown place and that I was trying to get out of there but it seems that there is nowhere to go. Then when i wake up I have tears in my eyes and catching my breath.
@nzalheart (2352)
• India
19 Apr 09
Hello larish!!! I understood, like when we fall in dream, we wake up in bed and our heart would be beating so so fast.... Yes I also had some sort of similar dream. In the dream, when I have to go somewhere, I know really the way, but the way changes as I go. This type of dream I used to see when I was a kid... Anyway thanks for the response larish....