Kate Bush has been in the recording studio again...a new album in the pipeline??

@hezoid (2148)
April 18, 2009 6:21pm CST
Well i was checking up on one of my faveourite Kate Bush news websites to see, on the off-chance really, if there was any recent news about her. what i found was this little piece: '17th January 2009: With the great recent coverage in The Word magazine and the upcoming BBC documentary I couldn't resist sharing with you that Del Palmer posted on his Myspace last week that he was in the studio with "you-know-who." Obviously we can't read tooooo much into this but we'd be kidding ourselves if he didn't mean Kate was working (as now expected) on follow-up material to her Aerial album. Wonderful news. We are older and wiser now and don't expect any new music shortly, but can only smile contentedly and send out our wishes that fun is had in the studio yet again.' Let's hope Del really was referring to Kate and that she's in there recording material for a new album, even if that album is many years off being released! It would be amazing if she did another album, i just can't get enough of her music!
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