what's the difference between giving up and letting go?

April 19, 2009 3:18am CST
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• United States
19 Apr 09
Giving up is ending a relationships...a good relationship, that just needs a little extra work to make it happen. Giving up is when two people who still love eachother decide it's "too hard." If love is involved in both parties, real love...then nothing is too hard. Nothing is impossible to work around if both people worked on it. Giving up is ending a relationship when it should not have to be ended. Letting go can go two ways. The first way goes along with giving up: 1)Letting go is when one person of a relationship has to move on because the other is no longer in love, or no longer willing to work for the relationship. One person cannot work alone at a relationship, it has to involve two people. So if one person GIVES UP, then the other has to try and let go. Or if one person falls out of love, then the other obviously has to let go. The second way is comepetely different from giving up: 2) Letting go can also mean two people have to give up on a relationship that should not be saved. Two people may think they have a relationship that is worth saving because it "seems right." These two people SHOULD be perfect for eachother, so the relationship SHOULD work...for example, prom king and prom queen that were highschool sweethearts...SEEM like the perfect couple, so the relationship SHOULD be perfect. But if there is no real love, no real feelings...then the relationship should not be kept. These people need to LET GO of the "idea" of their perfect relationship, realize that it is not a healthy one, and move on. So giving up and letting go are very different, but can also be connected. But in both cases, Giving up is the wrong thing to do but letting go is right.
• Philippines
19 Apr 09
i think when you said giving up,you mean you cant be in a relationship you have now, but when you said letting go,you mean you want to let go of him because you have lots of reason,and letting go is the only way to make the two of you happy.. well thats my opinion only..
@flowerday (322)
• Singapore
19 Apr 09
hihi.. i guess there is a huge difference between giving up and letting go.. to give up, is to totally forgo something, without accepting anything.. to let go, is to accept everything, and then forgo something.. the only similarity.. is that both ends up with nothing..