a sad woman

@cindyhxf (1447)
April 19, 2009 10:33am CST
i got a long call kept talking for 2 hours tonight.it was a call from a sad woman.her husband force her to divorce cause her husband has another woman outside.i was so shocked to hear that and i felt sorry to her.she said she had no much friends who she wanted to talk ,i am not so close friend and we knew few days ago but she said i am good person for her to talk all her unhappy things .i tried to comfort her more and listened to her.we never met before but i thought she is kind woman.i like her way to talk and i could feel she is not strong woman that is why her husband could do that wrong things to her.she said she was a kite in the sky without line,she didn't know how to start new life.i understood her wilder.that is why i would love to listen and tried to talk more and made her feel better .what is your opinion about that?
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@chiick3n (28)
• United States
19 Apr 09
I am glad that you were able to help her in her time of need. Cheating is a terrible way of divorce and must be heart breaking. I would never cheat and I surely hop my partner would never cheat. You seem to be such a nice person comforting someone you barely knew in their desperate time of need.
@cindyhxf (1447)
• China
19 Apr 09
yeah,she suffered a lot from her bad marriage.she said she could't find the balance cause she felt it was unfair for her.maybe what she thought just made her sad and don't really help her.i just want people to be more happy .strong themselve and really know the rule of life.thanks for response.friend.take care