Eczema and children

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April 19, 2009 1:22pm CST
Do any of you have a child with eczema?? I do both my sons have it. They inherited it from there father. My youngest son has it worse than his brother and father and I feel so bad for him. I dont like having to us the steroid on him alot because it is bad for you so we try to use alot of lotion and oatmeal baths but it isnt enough. Where I live the water is tearing him up so bad to where sometimes he bust open and bleens from his breakouts. We thought if we used the oatmeal bath it would help and it did kinda. It did stop the sores busting open but he still gets covered head to toe in the rashed. It is so hard to watch your 1 year old sit there and tear at himself because he itches so much. Its not even just the water doing it. It is fabric sheets, wool, fleece, most shampoos and body washes for kids. Now I have fixed all that and I buy Aveeno lotion babywash and shampoo for him and that does help but is there anything else I can try? I can not even take him out side when the temp gets above 70 out because he breaks out. My oldest son has break outs but not this often or the extreem. He can not go outside when it is over 70 out either I feel so bad for them because they care toddlers and they want to go out and play. I have talked to a few doctors about it but there only solution is to put this very potent steroid on them. I am not comfortable with that at all. I have read the warnings and side effects and I would not even use them as often as they say to. Any one going through what I am please let me know I would love to hear what you have to say Thank you
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@gemini_rose (16194)
19 Apr 09
Two of my four children were born with it, one of them is 8 now and he appears to have grown out of it finally, he had it from birth. My daughter is three and she has it bad, worse than what my son had it. I find with my daughter that I have to use different creams on her every few days, I have various creams that I use on her including, sudocrem or any nappy rash cream, vaseline, unperfumed lotions and cream from the doctor. When she has a really bad break out and I cannot get it under control then the doctor usually prescribes steroids for her but I do not like using it so I buy daktacort which is a hydrocortisone cream and it does the job just perfect or I use savlon which is also pretty good for healing it when it breaks out. I find my daughter becomes worse if she is worried or upset about something and also if her skin is covered up all the time, in the house I tend to try and let her skin breathe by keeping her in t shirts. Bathing can make her worse although I was told that it is supposed to be good for keeping the skin moist although I find that hard to believe when she is itching her skin off within two minutes of being in the bath!
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19 Apr 09
I brought the bath thing up to the doctor and he just keeps telling me its not the water it is the body soap I use. Which I know it is not true. Everything I use on my son is unperfumed and there are no dyes. They told me the chances of them growing out of it are very slim because it was inherited and something else I didnt not know but because I have asthma it makes it less likely for them to grow out of it. Thank you so much for your response and I will talk wiht my husband about checking into some of the things you have listed. Right now my youngest is have a sever break out so I hope one of these help.
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8 Aug 09
2 of my 3 children have had exzema as well, although their cases were not to harsh. (My boys have it, my daughter never did get it at all.) About the only thing you can do for them is the steroid creams. My oldest one is almost 10 and he grew out of it as a toddler, and my youngest, who will be 2 next month has seemed to just recently grow out of it too. I recently picked up an exzema cream at Wal-Mart, which I found in the diaper rash cream aisle, and it actually did seem to help, and of course, being over the counter is a non-steroid cream. Maybe you could try that?
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20 Apr 09
My three year old nephew has this problem. My sister and his dad are divorced and it was after the divorce that the little on was diagnosed. When he went last summer to spend the time at his dads he ended up in the hospital from a staf infection due to his dad not giving him his medication or lotioning him. It was very serious. I would try the steriods, you can always stop using them if you see that there are horrible side effects. (the ones that they say can happen are there because at least one person from the trail experianced them, not because everyone that takes them has that side effect) If they will heal your boys skin then it may be worth it. Also they may make it possible for the boys to play outside. I know that my nephew can only play ouside for a short while and if he gets to hot then he gets to take a cool bath to prevent a break out. Also every time he has a both he has to be completely lotioned down to protect his skin. Perhaps this summer they can play in the sprinklers out side to keep them form getting to hot and then they can lotion as soon as they dry off to rehydrate their skin.