Why do people choose not to breastfeed?

United States
April 19, 2009 2:14pm CST
I chose to breastfeed, but i wonder why some people (taking any medical situation out of consideration) choose not to. I dont think there's any medical reason no to, so is it just that moms are afraid of the pain? I just think breastfeeding is the best thing ever! of course is annoying in the beginning, but you always have your milk warm and ready for your baby and is such a great way to bond....plus formula is so expensive!
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@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
20 Apr 09
welcome to the wonderful world of mylot claud. my wife chooses to breasfed also. and i can say that even she has pain from c-section she preoritized whats best for our baby. in fact she even breasfed up to two years. our baby is very strong who is now three years old and his picture appears at my avatar. he never gets sick and is really healthy
20 Apr 09
ah but who is to say your child, thank goodness, would not have been that way if your wife had bottle fed.
• United States
19 Apr 09
I didnt have a medical reason, but, I just couldn't do it. My daughter was a preemie, and I really wanted to. But, she just wouldn't latch on. Despite weeks of trying. And, even with help from the lactation expert and tons of books.
• United States
20 Apr 09
OH, im sorry, even though it can be painfull in the beggining i'd say that is one of the nicest feelings to see your baby nurtiring him or herself from you, at least you tried, some people just dont want to go thru the struggle and the pain you can feel in the beginning...