Tyra banks

April 19, 2009 5:16pm CST
I like tyra banks. She's really good in hosting. No wonder she's one of the highest paying celebrity in hollywood. I just adore her a lot. And I love her show!
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• United States
19 Apr 09
Yes Tyra Banks is one of the most highest payed celebs in hollywood. I use to watch her show couple of times and it seemed pretty decent. So keep watching Tyra Banks and be marry in tv land.
• New Zealand
20 Apr 09
ahh ahh, Tyra ummm big butt,big boobs dont suit her!!,nice apperance,but her shows sorry!!!!,gone away would some how,her shows use to be good and she kept a happy medium within her shows but now sorry guys and gals,she has gone like a teenager sometimes in her shows,but she can do that she makes alot of money .
15 Apr 11
Did you know why judges at ANTM every season changes? it's because every time Tyra has conflict with them she fires them all.. I too am an avid fan of her but recently when I watched ANTM 16 and she was on Alexandria's side and labeled brittani as "unattractive" I was disappointed. If Tyra knew what kind of person she defended.