What do you think of finals?

United States
April 19, 2009 10:45pm CST
This question is mostly for college students and graduates. I was just wondering what everyone else thinks of finals week. The reason I asking this is because I have finals this week and should be studying but instead I am procrastinating. I think there has to be a better solution to finals week because a lot of students get worried they are going to fail a class after doing good all semester. Also, it is unhealthy because so many students change their sleeping and eating habits during finals. I have found that for the most part a lot of college test require more memorizing than actually learning and retaining what you learn. What do you guys think?
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@adairesm (22)
• United States
20 Apr 09
Finals can be very difficult. I never liked cumulative finals... meaning all information from the semester is included in one huge final exam. Comprehensive exams generally cover the last few chapters. I found that only a few really strict teachers would give a final exam worth more than 50% of your total grade. These make or break finals are awful and at times can not be passed unless you have only one class and can devote all your time to it. I always tried to look into teachers before even registering for their class, so I knew their grading methods. Cue cards do help so you can quiz yourself. Also try to apply what you are studying to your life. I majored in Psychology and seemed to use say donuts to relate to some theories were better to look at but didn't end well.... kinda see what I mean?