Smokers, Killing not only themself, but their family.

New Zealand
April 19, 2009 10:54pm CST
When smoking was fashionable, everyone did it, but only did we realise that it was killing us, with many harsh chemicals, it can cause lung cancer , throat cancer and oral cancer. These days, cigarettes are not aloud to be advertised and there are many support groups and quit lines for smokers and quiting smoking is encouraged by most docters. I know kids at my school who smoke, some as young as 13! Its ruining our society! I for one think smoking is disgustingand not cool at all so i dont know what their trying to prove. I have a dad who smokes, he has been smoking since he was 12. I do encourage him to quit, but her usualy does quit then stops again, he has had cancer in the throat before, and under %50 of his lungs are functioning and has Asma. Im so scared that he wont be around for long, and i really want him to stop so he can atleast make it to my 21st bdae, but i know how addictive smoking is and how hard it can be to quit. so tell me, do you smoke? do you want to stop? are you attemting to stop? do you know someone who smokes? do you encourage them to stop?
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@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
20 Apr 09
hi awesomer! no i am not a smoker. i had been once in my life, for a short while, but with much quantity. then i in stopped completely, when i gave my life to the Lord. but now, that i realize the destructive effects that smoking on people, i get irritated when people smoke in public places that are occupied by predominantly a non-smoking crowd. smoking is one vice that brings other people down as well, not just the smoker. that is why i hate it now. i wish smoking was designed that smokers can just swallow their smoke so that only they are affected and not the people who chose not to smoke but who are in one way or the other affected by second hand smoke. i have allergic rhinitis and when i inhale second hand smoke in an enclosed room, i sneeze a lot. i don't remember sneezing that much while i was the one smoking. or maybe because i have developed the allergies along the way? i am not sure. anyway, if i could wish for it, i wish that smoking be something private--that only people who smoke can get killed by it or suffer by it, not the people around. take care and God bless you! :D happy mylotting!
• New Zealand
20 Apr 09
Hi spoiled. I definatly agree with you. I guess its a good thing that you developed an allergy because now youll stay away from smokers... and you can tell them, sorry im allergic to smokers :) l0l