Learning How to Make Money on the Internet and With the Internet

@Hurray (65)
April 20, 2009 1:39am CST
Hi. Learned myself the hard way. Looked for ages for the right program who would take me from knowing kind of nothing about it besides writing emails and simple google searches. That was about it. Oh. You don't want to know how many years of searching and trying, off and on. Finally, I found one that is complete. And, through audios and videos, the guy is SHOWING how to do this and that! God, in a couple of months, I learned more than all these years. Don't laugh, I'm not a young chicken like most of you. So, computers, web, Internet, wow, that was weird stuff. Long story short, there is HOPE for the beginners and amazing stuff for intermediates and even advanced internet marketers. AND he tells us where and how to make almost instant money from the Internet. Now, that's cool. There is a monthly installment but believe you me, you apply what he teaches you and not only you're on the right track but doing what he tells you, your monthly installments are piece of cake! Success to you all! Hurray P.S.: OK, if you insist. You know eBay? Ha. Ha. Well, maybe there something more or different you would like to know about it that would make you a bit more money...
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@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
20 Apr 09
For a better result of making money online, i think we must have our identity on the internet. It could be a blog or a website. Some people use their blogs to sharing their experiences. But not every informations we got from internet are truth. Most of those informations are just scam. Let think logically, why would someone making a video that claimed as making money tutorial? The reason i can find out is that's just one of email collecting method. We know that there's alot of spammer. When we have submitten an aplication on web, just wait for an hour and we'll start receiving spam on.
@arkasen (748)
• India
20 Apr 09
I think earning money online is very hard. There is noway we can generate good amount of money from internet. Isn't it. It is too time consuming