Tea or Coffee which one is your pick

@arkasen (748)
April 20, 2009 2:40am CST
What do you like tea or coffee? Every people have there choice. so pick your choice. with one you like and have to drink.
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@lawana_f (327)
• United States
21 Apr 09
I am a Texan first and formost so the answer has to be iced tea. I do not care if it is green white, black or fruit flavored. I love tea. I still drink coffee sometimes. But give me a good peach tea over coffee any day. I will admit that unlike most Texans I do not usually sweeten my tea, but there are many people that are not able to have sugar so feel each person should sweeten their own glass or not as they choose.
@mira91 (988)
• Singapore
20 Apr 09
Actually i lie both so much that i can't seem to choose just one..hee hee, it's cz tea is absolutely great for me in the morning cz coffee would make me want to run to the toilet in the morning...Coffee, i'll drink it in the afternoon...My favourtie coffee is called Indocafe, and it's oh so delicious..really..^_^ Tea would be the Lipton yellow label tea..^_^
@springs (926)
• India
20 Apr 09
I love to have coffee.
• Ireland
20 Apr 09
Compared with tea,I would like drinking coffee,because it makes me full of energy and not feel sleepy after drinking it.
@Archie0 (4669)
20 Apr 09
i usually dont drink too much of either. if ever i have to then i just make myself some green tea. because i believe green tea helps to fight toxins in the body. as well as it helps as antioxidant. which helps to keep skin healthy and glowing. happy mylotting.
@vivianchen (2648)
• China
20 Apr 09
Tea will be my choice. Especially green tea, great taste, good for health, and feels good.
@amidala (31)
• China
20 Apr 09
HI, i dont drink them regurally neither. because i like drink water. it dont contain some coffein. so i can really hear my own body's voice, when it needs sleep, when it is full of energy.
@patzel88 (3311)
• Philippines
20 Apr 09
i prefer to drink coffee but that will probably in the morning just to feel the heat to my body because of the cold that i feel in the morning. But i have a big problem to my daughter now that she is only 2 years old and she loves to drink coffee everyday for the reason that my parents in law taught them to drink together with them a coffee every day. But my husband told me that it is not good for a baby to drink coffee and for now a try my best not to give her a coffee for her own good.
@ada547612 (203)
• China
20 Apr 09
I like to drink coffee, because I like the taste of coffee flavor, I think that represents a grade of coffee, basically, every day I drink 2-3 cups of coffee.
• China
20 Apr 09
i like tea ,i drink tea everyday,but now i am looking forward to be used to coffee.
@opalina143 (1237)
• Morristown, New Jersey
20 Apr 09
To be honest, I don't really like either. I guess if I had to pick it would be tea, because there are many kinds of tea that I haven't tried that I might like, whereas I know I really don't like coffee. I am the only person I know who just doesn't drink it, everyone I know wonders how I can get going in the morning without it!