Why o why did my hompages friends stop it for people from India ?

April 20, 2009 3:42am CST
Well i logged in after 3 months and all i can say is that , there are either new suprises or sad messages like this. When i click on my search bar of hompagesfriends , Thought its been a while to start earning. I did it. But look o look what i got. It says. Due to Alot of click fraud, We have stop providing services to your country. Isn't this bad. Just for a few people they banned it for the entire country. This is very bad. Well that's what i feel about this whole situation. Well anyone else experience this problem ? Do let me know . Anyways Happy Mylotting
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• India
20 Apr 09
Well i know , the same thing i was also thinking about this situation. Its been like this for a lot couple of months now. Its bad but then what to do. We cant go and fight them for our rights or something like that? Can we ? Well i just hope It gets started again one day. It will be good and will be very worth it. It was a nice earning engine.
@iskayz (5422)
• Philippines
20 Apr 09
Hi there! Welcome back geminipunk! I have just joined homepages yesterday. Finally I have decided and luckily my country wasn't banned from it. Sorry on your part. Yeah sometimes the banning of countries of different sites are unfair. They should have banned only those members who are earning fraudulently and not everyone else. I hope Philippines won't have the same fate too. I have just started using the site and I've earned already. Let's just hope they'll welcome India again. Ciao!