Regret About being what you are?

April 20, 2009 4:59am CST
Do you feel regret for being what you are?Do sometimes you also feel that u can be a better daughter,sister,wife ,friend or even a better person?
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@nee_raks (205)
• India
20 Apr 09
Hi Srivastava! Yes i do feel regret for being what i can do, i can be a better son and could be a better brother. I heartly felt that i failed to live up the expectations of my parents .. they always expected me too do better but i din't i failed and this feeling is sometimes is very depressing. I also din't lived up to the expectation of my younger brothers and sisters as i dint guided them properly and so. But i dont have any regrets as Huamn being, i am a good person, good natured and most important thing is i know i can still try to do a lot for my loved ones. So i dont have a regret for what i am today?
21 Apr 09
I respect your feelings.
@oderog (732)
• Kenya
20 Apr 09
Know I do not regret whom I am, Am very much happy to be whom I am
@luphita (114)
• Indonesia
20 Apr 09
though i feel there are many negative side in case i have a little bad habit and i can't make many closest people feel happy. but i will always try to repair all of my negative side
• India
20 Apr 09
i love myself - no regression at all
Hello freind no one in the world is perfect,but still i live myself and never regret about what i am,yeah sometimes when the things go wrong by going on a right path,i regret for a second that there is no use of going on right path but soon i realise that i was wrong.