Ever recieved a 419 scam letter

@bignik (273)
April 20, 2009 5:08am CST
Hi to all , i wonder if more people on the web are getting 419 scams , this is usualy on social pages where they send you a message telling you that they have a lot of money in an overseas bank and they need your help to retrieve this huge sum of money , be warned many have been swindled out of all their savings and small company directors gone bankrupt, they always ask you to send money to help them in expenses, and other fake costs , if you are curious got and check on a google search 419 scammers, and see what is and what has happened, i personaly have recieved about 15 scam letters like these i mentioned above , but normaly report the email addresses, so they get canceled, greetings bignik
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@jellymonty (2358)
20 Apr 09
I think you would have to be a real nincumpoop if you actually read them mails.. They were flooding my mailbox to the point where I had to just had to open a new email account.