Swiss chocolate is the BEST!!??

@wirnen (67)
South Africa
April 20, 2009 10:52am CST
The one time I went to Switzerland I had the best chocolate. Everyone thinks Lindt chocolate is the best but let me tell you the best chocolate is the Swiss BUDGET brand. What do you think? Where did you eat the best chocolate in your life?
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• Philippines
21 Apr 09
Hello there, I am a chocolate connoisseur. I used to think when I was a kid that Swiss chocolate is the best since its widely available in my country but I was wrong. Belgian chocolates are the best chocolates in the world. The Swiss got the idea from the Belgian chocolatiers and imitated making their own chocolates. Belgian chocolatiers make pralines and not chocolate bars unlike the Swiss chocolatiers. Belgian chocolates has very high standards thats why its not available in other countries. Swiss chocolate is to creamy for the palette of the tongue, thats why I still prefer the Belgian chocolates. In Belgium, there is an academy if you want to learn chocolaterie which is the Callebaut Academy. I used to have 2 Swiss boyfriends in the past who likes giving me Swiss chocolates but my relationship with them failed but a new love interest came into my life last year. My current bf is a Belgian guy -- who has a family business of chocolate factory in Belgium! I even thought that he was bragging but I made a background check on him and its true. Chocolates are my second love to my bf. "All I really need is love but a little chocolate now and then doesn't really hurt." --Lucy Van Pelt (Peanuts Cartoons by Charles Schulz)
• India
23 Apr 09
You may be right..But the main thing is that Belgian choclates arent as famous as The Swiss counter-parts.So even if they may have the better chocolates..They certainly need to learn a thing or two about publicity..What say people..!! :D
• Philippines
23 Apr 09
Belgian chocolates are very expensive and has higher standards compared with Swiss Chocolates. Godiva Chocolates are from Belgium its the most widely known Belgian chocolate available to other countries.
• Southend-On-Sea, England
25 Apr 09
Swiss chocolate is very nice, but I like Belgian best. The most delicious chocolate I've eaten in my life was way back in the early 1970s, when a friend visited Belgium and brought me back a chocolate present, which was thick Belgian chocolate in the shape of a human hand, and inside the palm of the hand shape were lots of little solid chocolate ball-shapes. Mmmmm delicious! I've never tasted anything as good as that since.
@Adoniah (7515)
• United States
20 Apr 09
Do you know why foreign chocolate is better than American chocolate? They put less paraffin in it. A lot of chocolate manufacturers use paraffin to keep the chocolate from melting in warm temperatures. The American companies use more to extend the expensive cocoa and make more money. Shalom~Adoniah