Missing happiness because of excessive sleeping.

April 20, 2009 3:36pm CST
I sleep about 4hours a day, I believe there are a lot of things to do rather than sleeping, if it's not needed I don't sleep, there was these months that I got two jobs both of which are full time, one as a Language teacher for Korean students and the other as a technical support representative, I get about 2hours of sleep everyday and I'm happy about it. But, on the other hand I know for sure that it is essential for our body to get enough rest and one way of getting a good rest is by sleeping, but don't you feel or think that you miss a lot of things because you are sleeping most of the time?
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• India
21 Apr 09
Excessive sleeping disturbs your day to day routine. Due to that you unable to take control on your happiness. It also increase laziness in your personality.
@amoyube1980 (2233)
• Somalia
21 Apr 09
I do think that we might be missing some things because of sleep.. In fact sleep does seem like a waste of time, and the waking hour seems a little too short sometimes. But I also love sleeping, and my body cannot function if it doesn't get enough sleep, my brain sleeps too if I do not give it enough sleep. And the repercussion of giving in to being awake all the time is more weakening than just trying to balance sleep with the rest of life. I find that if I do not sleep when my body starts crying for it.. I'll be wasting more time because then, no matter how much I sleep my body still feels like it didn't get any.
@KrauseHome (35034)
• United States
20 Apr 09
Personally, when you are getting this little sleep that is dangerous, and something not recommended for sure. I know I need at least 5-6 hrs. usually to get by. I would think that only getting 4 hrs. or less eventually will catch up with you, and you could end up very sick as well. Yes, you might feel like you might be missing out on something, but sleep is quite important as well.