I still don't know

April 20, 2009 11:16pm CST
As a Roman Catholic, its quite unusual feeling because i'm a religious person and a loyal believer of virgin Mary but I still don't know how to use or pray with a rosary. Perhaps no one is willing to teach me before but I am willing to learn it now. It'is also embarrassing sometimes since I work at Catholic school and flattering also because my boss is a priest heheheh. How about you?
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5 May 09
I try to pray the rosary everyday (believe it or not, based of my taste in music, you might not think so but, I do)-- in order to make it a daily habit, I try to pray it everyday after breakfast, then I can get on with the mundane things. I grew up in a very religious environment but I, myself was never very religious or even prayed for that matter but I started recently and it has personally helped me out a lot. It's been like a lifesaver! I don't mind doing it, or should I say it doesn't feel like a chore now that I have gotten used to doing it regularly. If you have never prayed the rosary it might be a bit confusing or tiresome at the beginning but trust me you will enjoy it more as time goes on, if you do it regularly. You can walk into any Roman catholic church and they will usually have various leaflets (not the bulletin), usually by the entrance with instructions. I also found a great website www.theholyrosary.org, it has all the information you will need to pray the rosary. It's very easy to get discouraged or to allow others to discourage you from praying the rosary but don't back down if your heart is telling you to. It is great for your SOUL and it will only do you good. Hope this helps!
@MyzDy19 (919)
• Philippines
29 Apr 09
LoL I'm not expert in using the rosary but I guess I know how to use it. When I pray,I just pray and I don't need anything to use in prayer, after all I know how to pray. I guess that's enough.
@cxm702 (11)
• United States
21 Apr 09
I don't believe that your inexperience using rosary beads is any reason for you to think that you are any less of a believer than anyone else. I think that the rosary is only a symbol of your relationship with God and it should not hold the same importance as your one on one relationship with God. However, I would go onto a Catholic website and post the question if the website is anonymous.
@zoey7879 (3104)
• United States
21 Apr 09
You can always ask someone.. they should be more than happy to share your knowledge. However, your relationship with God is just that. It's something personal, and you should feel comfortable talking with your God one on one without the use of tools or anything else. Hopefully you don't take that the wrong way :)