If you get a chance in Next Birth, will you choose the same Husband/wife? Why?

@daliaj (5689)
April 21, 2009 3:41am CST
I will say 'Yes. I would like to be with my husband in the next birth also. It is because the way he cares me and makes me feel special. I also wish he would be a little patient in next birth. Lol. What do you say?
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• India
26 Apr 09
Obviously no..Lol hope my partner is not seeing this lol. I need change badly in this life and you expect the same person for next life . Atleast i will fight this life .BUt god please not in the next life :)
@sanuanu (11238)
• India
23 Apr 09
Let me find my spouse in this birth then only i can answer your query but I would like to give "yes" as an answer. Can't wait to get married but it is far away from me as it is due in next 3-2 years I am glad that you have found a good spouse. I hope that you will hav a happy and prosperous life my friend.
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
23 Apr 09
Hi daliaj, if I were given the chance in my next birth to choose my own spouse, without any hesitation I will certainly pick the same person again. I just wonder whether we could still meet each other in the future time or next birth It’s not easy to find one with so many common interests in daily life. We understand each other very well, of course not all Well, I enjoy the way he treats me as well as how he takes care of me. The most important thing is that we could share our happiness and difficult time together. We share our feelings and opinions harmoniously too all the time. Nice to know that you wish to get the same spouse again in the next birth. This shows that how much you love your husband Happy posting
• United States
22 Apr 09
I met my boyfriend last year, but it's like we just picked up where we left off in a past life. I believe we may have been together in a past life or past lives. I knew that he existed all along, and I was always waiting for him. Now that I have found him, everything just seems complete.
@ktosea (2027)
• China
21 Apr 09
well,I feel the same way,I would like to be with my current girl friends in the next birth if there is the next birth.although her temper is not too good,but she is a good girl indeed and I love her very much.
• Philippines
21 Apr 09
I will definitely not!LOL!I'll probably choose the one my father like rather than my ex-husband.I really made the biggest mistake in my life when I agreed to marry him.But on the bright side he was a good father for the first 4 years.After that he thought he was the boy next door (always available for everybody).