Have you slept enough lately?

April 21, 2009 5:52am CST
So the experts have once again concluded that people today are sleeping much less than 20 years ago. The stress of recession, unemployment, relationship breakdowns, crime rates soaring, debts looming all over the place have caused the majority of us to deprive ourselves from the wonderful gift of sleep. People are now using their lunch breaks as nap breaks. Whatever happened to keeping the faith?? I for one dont sleep as long as I used to but I try to get as much sleep as I can as I believe rest is compulsory for the human body. So have you lost your precious sleep time for whatever reason?? Should the experts count you as one of the statistics of rising insomnia? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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@fwangaa (3058)
• China
21 Apr 09
no , i don't feel my sleep is well. i want to have a rest for my sleep what it is very difficult for you to have a deep sleep. i usually sleep at 11 o'clock but get up at 6 o'clock , what about you , and i don't usually to have a short sleep at the noon. i think that will be not heathy ror my heath. i can't eat some medicine to help me sleep. do you have any ways to help me have a deep sleep? thanks a lot.
21 Apr 09
Well I dont really have a remedy for a good night deep sleep. Sometimes its also to do with your diet. If your diet is not that great then it affects your sleep patterns so I would increase my vegetables and fruit intakes and try to drink at list 2 litres of water a day.. helps clear your digestive system which in turn will make your body want to rest and sleep.. But see your doctor if you need medical advice.
@zulfah (48)
• Indonesia
21 Apr 09
is hard to slept earlier. my job volume is full lately. my body condition so bad, i hope not get sick. Almost everyday, arrive at home at 10 pm. sadly me.... sleep only 5 hours a day. my wife complaining every day. Less sleep not good for everything in my life.
21 Apr 09
Hi Zulfa.. welcome to my lot! seriously you should try and get some sleep.. your body was meant to be rested so if you dont sleep you endanger your health.. Dont let your job be your slave... happy my lotting
@Jae2619 (1484)
• United States
21 Apr 09
No, I don't get enough sleep as I should get. I once heard that the reason teenagers sleep so much is because they are gearing up for their 20's and 30's, because that' when you most typicially lose alot of your sleep time, and by your 40's you're back to a semi normal sleeping stage. I myself don't have any major worries about anything, my lack of sleep is because of my little baby who has a medical condition which keeps her from sleeping very well so I am up and down with her all threw the night. In time, she should out grow everything but for the time being, I just do with out the sleep I should be getting.
@prinzcy (5058)
• Malaysia
21 Apr 09
No, I am so busy that I don't have time to sleep much. Even today, I still need to check around 50 books after collecting the homeworks mt students' send me. I need to return them by tomorrow. Rising insomia? Not so sure about that since I close my eyes really fast if I go to bed.