Will you sing while taking a shower?

April 21, 2009 9:46am CST
Sometimes I will sing while taking a shower; that is when I feel relax and joyful. I know there are some people who always like to sing while taking a shower. My friend once tell me that he always sing when bathing, but always the same song. LOL!Will you sing while taking a shower or bathing? What kinds of songs do you like to sing then?
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@magsburg (88)
• Canada
21 Apr 09
Usually, I use the shower as a place where I can write my own songs without feeling embarrassed. Writing songs can some times be embarrassing because I may have to sing the same line over and over until I get it exactly the way I want it. This repetition has a tendency to drive others around me crazy, and that is the reason I choose to do my composing in the privacy of the shower.
@Dorrdavy (277)
• Jamaica
21 Apr 09
singing under the shower is a lot of fun i mostly sing gospel songs, be it blues, jazz, reggae or traditional gospel.
@coldmoon (1092)
• France
21 Apr 09
I don't sing while having a bath. I prefer to listen of music from the player. I choose voiceless theme or soundtrack for this case. After working all day long, I want to have a quiet space in the bath, and don't want to hear any word, even from my own mouth.
• Canada
21 Apr 09
Hi, I always sing when I take a shower - I find it fun to listen to my own voice echo in the bathroom. I don't really sing anything in particular, whatever just comes to my mind at the moment. Though it would have to be a song that I know the entire lyrics, it is frustrating when you come to a point in the song where you play the music in your mind but have no idea what the lyrics are, lol!
@wavelander (1530)
• Portugal
21 Apr 09
I usually sing ballads! Metal ballads like Helloween, Skid row, Testament...