Not only a mother.....better than that.

@SimpleBB (1332)
April 21, 2009 10:15pm CST
Parents usually deemed responsible in upbringing their children in good values and giving good fate. Facing the reality of life, no parents would want to jeopardize their child's concerns whether it is for their health, future or whatsoever. Raising a well-mannered child should not relied alone on parent's experiences or instincts. Parents should also have to adopt on the changes that would have of relevance in their relationship with their children. They should have to consider their child's capabilities as well as their interest without castigating them in inculcating what they have to be. Unbecoming behavior is usually brought about by holding ones' desires that yields to a more complex situation. Trusting a child to explore and deal with things on his own possible way will surely inspired and make him confident. But of course with the offering of appropriate guidance as parent, understanding just like a friend, and support from is this the key to ease the responsibility of parents towards their child...What do you think?
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@kprofgames (3103)
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22 Apr 09
What you say is very true. Each child is an individual person. Even at the earliest of ages you get to know their personality, likes, dislikes and their learning curve. A parent learns to work with their children to help them in learning and development. You can't just demand something, you work with them to help define and work the rough edges out. No one child is going to be what you expect them. To me, that's putting too much pressure on the child. You learn as the child grows what works and what doesn't. I've raise my fair share of children. Helped out my fair share of my childrens friends, just with talking, but for the most part treating them as a human being. Children are smarter than we give them credit for. We live in an excellerated world and they are learning thing far more quickly then we ever did as a child. Knowing this, we are actualy learning with them as they grow. A parent that doesn't grow with their child often misses the boat. They can't connect with them either by self interest or by thinking they know everything. Well, we don't. And we shouldn't. If we close our minds off to learning new things - either in what's popular slang or whatever - we are getting set in our ways. We stop growing. I have a wide range of children. Ages 27 to 9 and I keep up with it so I connect with them.