were pets listening?

April 21, 2009 10:30pm CST
as someone approached me last day as she saw me talking and laughing with my dog. I know shes wondering because in the first place she is not a pet lover. I continue talking to my baby (my dog) and she asked if im insane. huh! I stopped a while and smiled at her I said, " Yeah! he is listening to me, i don't know if its a fact but I can prove it to you." Am I right? do pets listening to us? does it happen to you then?
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@xtine22 (200)
• Philippines
24 Apr 09
Pets that became attached to you listens to you. Maybe not the 'listening' in human terms, but they pay attention ^^ Whenever my dog barks and tell it to shut up, it stops - it just meant it can understand what I say. My rabbit's ears perks up whenever I call its name, so it just means that they are listening ^^ People who are not used to animals would not understand that, though.
• India
22 Apr 09
Of course pets understands us. Why even plants feel our love towards them if we go and talk to them. I and my family always talk to our dog "Hero". He is like a family member to us. And he knows each one of us as daddy, mummy and sister. When my daddy has to go out he will cry and make sounds very much similar to our own language. He even scolds us. When we listen to them we will find them using our style to convey. Its been proved among dolphins. I read it some where that dolphins have a similar vocalization to that of humans and they understand and communicates using that.So its people who have no sense will say they cannot understand.SO go on talking to your loving dog and he will give himself to you.