thinking back and you start giggling and laughing hard...

@mz_Ira (1091)
April 22, 2009 5:43am CST
have you ever had the most funny thing happened in your life? What am I talking about? you know the one of those days that you argued with a stranger, your sister or even with your friends, only to realize that you it was all a misunderstanding.. Or if not misunderstanding, things that happened that you were unaware of.. Everyone has a bloopers in their life for sure. My most unforgettable blooper in my life was when me and some of my filipino friends went to London fro celebration. We went to this filipino restaurant. I did enjoy so much.. eat.. drink.. dance.. sing... When we were about to go leave the restaurant, I had to use the Loo.. I was not drunk nor sleepy , was on my way to the Loo then getting there I had to check which one's is the female's and didnt see so I had to make a choice as I was in the urge to peeeeee.. Went in to the door on my left, As I enter and turned left... It made me jump... I saw him( this guy who was kinda like we are having something special) he smiled and uttered " hmmm didnt know youve got plans tonight and you followed me here" and I was like "No I did not, I thought this is the female's room" and he goes " really? Its ok and that's quite impossible because as soon as you enter there was a sign".. I answered him back " No there was none, If there was I shouldnt gotten the wrong way" then I left.. I was so embarrassed for he was thinking like that.. I walked straight going out of the restaurant but before leaving I looked back and checked again, Looking up there's the sign that it says "Male" Oh my geee! my cheeks went hot... I know I was blushing already... Damn door, I it wasnt that tall I should have seen it... The sign was way too high for me to see it.. Me and my height.. Got out of the restaurant and he came next to me as well.. While in the car he told our other friends about it and they were teasing me and laughing while me keep telling them that he's getting it wrong.. grrr.. It took 2 weeks before they finally forgot about it! When I remember it now I just cant stop laughing at myself.. Was my fault actually and now Ive learned my lesson--- Check carefully and look up high for those signs....
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• United States
22 Apr 09
us short people are not appreciated, lol.
• United States
26 Apr 09
i just have this picture in my mind of someone sretching me out & i would be tall & thin. isn't that a nice picture, lol.
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
23 Apr 09
LOL =D It was a pretty misunderstanding and that should be really funny.. Luckily u are not having a crush on that guy, if not things could get much worse than teasing.. lol =D I dun think i have such funny misunderstandings before, but it did happen on my fren.. haha =D As i was working in the F&B sector a few years back, we need to promote our set lunches/dinners etc, together with drinks.. So there was once whereby my fren got cheeky by aksing the customer :'Mdm, with the set lunch, would u like, Coffee, TEa or me??".. When the customer heard that, she was surprised and she ask for the question to be repeated again.. But this time round, my fren did not mention 'me'.. lol =D AFter the order was done, we went inside the kitchen and had a good laugh over it.. lol =D
@Opal26 (17690)
• United States
22 Apr 09
Hey mz_Ira! I think that is a really cute story! It is kind of funny! It was just a silly mistake! I guess for you at the time it wasn't too funny, just embarassing! I have done plenty of those kind of things in my life! Way to many to even be able to write down! I have walked into the mens room too! I'm sure that we are not the only women who have done that at some time or other! I have done plenty of embarassing things that are much worse, believe me! I've come out of the ladies room with my dress up and not known it! Or toilet tissue stuck on my and stuff like that! Those are much worse, don't you think?
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
22 Apr 09
Hello mz_Ira. It is interesting that you are not alone there because I had the same experience of going to use the toilet of the lady's in another school where I was attending a meeting on Sunday. Luckily there was no one using the toilet there. I did not notice it until I came out. I had a good laugh at myself for being so careless and stupid as not to have noticed it, but I did not dare to tell anyone about this incident because I was afraid to be laughed at. But when reading this discussion of yours, it reminds me of it and I am laughing at myself...hehehehe