Edie died ,i feel so bad,how about you?

April 22, 2009 7:00am CST
after watching the latest episode of DH,i feel very sad,Edie died,yes,i don't like her very much,and maybe lots of audiences don't like her at all.but recently i saw her changing,in the previous season Edie and Gaby were trapped in the basement in her house,they hate eacher,but when they were facing death,their trivial resentment gone.Frankly speaking ,no one in Wisteria Lane like Edie,because she is sexy,strightforward,and a bit selfish.but i saw her change,she has become more willing to help others than before,so i feel bad when Edie died,how about you?
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@leyisa (487)
• Canada
4 Jun 09
I think Edie gave a very nice twist to the show..the other housewives are all goody goody in their own way but Edie was always the mean one and it was fun too watch...b/c even though she was mean, she did have a soft spot. I liked the fact that the ladies when to deliver the news to her son personally - frankly, I had forgotten that the character had a son. You are right: Edie had changed was definetly starting to become a bit nicer - oh well...maybe she'll come back as her twin sister ;)
@tashakau (132)
• Canada
3 Jun 09
Don't feel bad she wanted to leave the show. I read somewhere that she was not really getting along with the other members or the producers of the show. It seems that she did not like how the story as much as before and I guess this way shee will be able to pursue other things. As for her character in the show, I liked her too, she was not afraid of whom she was and she was very direct.
• Philippines
23 Apr 09
Well, since we get DH much later than other countries, I feel bad to get to read this spoiler when I haven't even watched the first episode of the newest season :S
@sunshine4 (8709)
• United States
22 Apr 09
I am also sad that Edie is gone. I was hoping that she wouldn't die so she could return to the show in guest appearances. Edie had a place in the show and it will be interesting to see what happens on Wisteria Lane without her.