What do you want to say to your friends?

April 22, 2009 11:54am CST
Supposing, they could see your respond, what do want to tell your friends who had been with you all through out. Those companions of yours who never did let you down. Your buddy in whatever is your trip in life. The acquaintances that you treat not only as your friends but now as your brothers/sisters. This is what I owe them: "I'd never had the chance to express my gratitude to you my friends. I just want to thank you for all the moments we have shared. Through ups and downs you were there with me not even turning your backs against me. You try to understand me even at my worst. Now, we are faced in another challenge for our friendship, hope we could surpass this with not one of us giving up. They may say anything about us, we'll not go down to their level. But don't just they try to hurt anyone among you or else I'll fight with them. I'll battle with them even my life at stake just for you my friends. I love you all and I will always be here for you, my dear AFM (the name of our group)."
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• Philippines
27 Apr 09
Awww..hey, to everyone who's viewing this post. I would like to say that the starter of this discussion is my real life friend. I would really like to thank her for being such a loyal, wonderful and shoulder-to-lean on friend. I will do anything for our friendship...AFM will always be here for you, just as how you are always there for us.
• India
22 Apr 09
i dont want to say anything for my friend.he deeply hurt me.i would never thought.through up and down i was always with him.i always try to understand his problem.anyway i love you and i will always be here for you.