Can twitter really help you make extra money?

April 22, 2009 12:03pm CST
Lately i have been read about the twitter. It seems like social networking but rather i would prefer to state it as micro social networking. But i am still wonder how does it help the people to make extra money.
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@Tko2020 (266)
22 Apr 09
I am new to twitter so still finding out about it.
22 Apr 09
From what I understand is to really get any success with Twitter when it comes to making money you need to build a loyal following. So the more people who follow you the more chance you have of them going to your blog or website and then hopefully earning you some money on your site. In my experience the ones who get success with Twitter are those who already have an established following for their blog so when they use twitter they already have a following. But then they pick up more followers when people see what others are following...... if that makes sense, lol.