just surviving

@derry123 (611)
April 22, 2009 12:56pm CST
It is hard living on 1 income , all the bills still need to be paid and some shops only think of families when putting out the offers I really only want a small portion of most things .. I live alone , I think it must be very stressfull when you have others to look after and to feed with very little coming in .
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14 Mar 12
Indeed it can be very stressful with only so much to spend. I've been on both sides single (but supporting my Mother) and with a family trying to survive to the next pay day the next time we could go to the food pantry doing what one has to do to keep things afloat. IT's quite the juggling act no matter your household size when you are just getting by.
@SomeCowgirl (32265)
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15 Aug 10
My husband and I are living on just his income. I do make a little bit of money online, but it usually goes to savings or to purchases we need or want to make. Like right now, the money I make online is going towards a couch and love seat we're getting from friends at a really good price. We don't have all that many bills to pay. My husband and I live with his parents, so the only bills we have is insurance (paid every 6 months) for our car, Gas (we can go two - three weeks without getting because we don't go much of anywhere), credit card, and his insurance. We also are paying off a hospital bill but it will be paid off this month, and we're paying for storage. It's not very much and so we can get by with only one income, however we're not really getting very far as we're not able to save all that much, however that is changing as we've decided on ways that we can save money so that we can get a place of our own. I'll still need to get a job though. I used to live with friends, and let me tell you I know what you mean about not having much money for things because of living on your own. Even though I lived with friends, we purchased things pretty much separately, and I was the one always with little to no money at all.