What makes you Happy??

April 22, 2009 2:59pm CST
Do you know what actually makes you happy? After falling out with my family big time, to cheer myself up i thought I would go shopping and grab some ingredients to cook my self something so i can spend some quiet time alone. The problem was that iv been so interested in making others happy, what to buy for her for him what he or she wants to eat today or this doesnt taste good i must start again or he wont eat it.. I had no clue on what i liked. It was actually very weird that I didnt know what i like. Please tell me what cheers you up??
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@Wink24 (167)
• Philippines
26 Jun 09
oh.. sorry to hear that.. Anyway, I'm a cheerful person so I didn't find it hard to have my happiness. First, I'm happy when everything's okay. Second, happy when I did a good job/performance. Third, happy when I'm with the persons I loved. Lastly, happy when I eat sweets! (kinda weird but it really makes me happy.). Finding happiness, is sometimes easy and sometimes not. I think one must learn how to appreciate the things that they have now and the things that will come to their way and learn to be contented. Being happy is all up to you and the way you react to your surroundings..
• China
23 Apr 09
Being happy seems to be a very easy thing sometimes. Maybe I was just troubled by my husband's complaints, but the sudden telephone ring of my close friend will disperse my trouble quickly. Maybe I am being angry at my girl's naughty behavour, but her happy smile and sweet voice "I'm sorry, mum" will make me forget my anger. Sometimes one occasional thing will suddenly change your bad mood. If nothing lucky or happy happens, I will try some ways to cheer me up. I will see a movie, or chatting with a close friend or go shopping or cooking myself a good big dinner. Sometimes your friend's words are good medicine to cure your bad mood. Anyway, no matter what happens, we must cheer us up.
@Ozarkgirl (774)
• United States
22 Apr 09
A gallon of ice cream, a great movie, and some alone time.
@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
22 Apr 09
The one thing that really truly makes me happy is my kids....listening to them joking around together, watching movies with them, horseplaying with them, listening to them laugh, talk, voice their opinions....hugging them wtching them sleep...everything about them makes me happy....