What is it doing outside your window right now??????

April 22, 2009 9:52pm CST
Oh boy, winter has left us with a final gift here... rich and heavy dove grey clouds with the blue underbellies that mean snow are screaming past my window right now. The air is so crisp right now that it makes the end of your nose tingle and sting and that soft wail of the wind is almost hypnotising....what is it doing outside your window right now....
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@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
23 Apr 09
its raining, so i can see the rain from our window and there are a lot of children running around and playing under the rain. scene like this makes me feel young, it makes me remind of what i used to do on a rainy day like it is today. it feels cool to see the rain for the paset few weeks its been very very hot. today is a very refreshing day.
• Canada
23 Apr 09
It is truly amazing when we see something like children playing in the rain and it makes us feel young again! The snow is and wind here are roaring like some giant dragon and it is amazing to watch. I will however freely admit I can't wait to go play in the rain again- I am a puddle jumper by nature(I love splashing )LOL
@chigawaga (593)
• Canada
23 Apr 09
it is snowing out my window right now:( came as a surprse visit was nice all week and then i woke up this morning to big nast black clouds and lots of white stuff!
• Canada
23 Apr 09
Ummmm, I'm guessing-Alberta right? Yah the snow that they are promising all day has finally arrived and wow! it's like the storm is alive.... Truly fantastic!!!!
@Porcospino (18422)
• Denmark
20 Dec 09
Right now there is lots of snow outside. Everything is covered by snow and there are huge piles of snow everywhere. I don't spend much time outside at the moment, it is so cold. We go out when we need to buy food, otherwise we prefer to stay inside with a movie/a book, a blanket and lots of coffee When I look at our garden I see that our dog has been playing in the snow. He has never seen snow before, but he really likes to play in the snow. When he comes back inside he is covered by snow, and we call him our "snowdog"
@xixi_abby (211)
• Indonesia
24 Apr 09
Hi CharleneRB. it's sunny day. it's really hot outside. it makes me don't want to go out from my office. And there are people who are working, paased by, cars. thank you. Have a nice day :D