Burgers and Ice Cream Nights

April 22, 2009 10:16pm CST
This Day is made up of warm twinkling sunshine in the morning, heavy afternoon rains, news and artices to write at work, link building strategies my boss wants me to accomplish, sweet texts from H, funny phone calls from H at work ( to inform that he had to work overtime, a lively chat with my girl officemates during lunchbreak- a typical but special Day to cap off my week. I went home around 7pm, tired and hungry so i immediately had dinner with my mom and nieces, AJ and Jeng2. They will be going home to Bulacan tomorrow afternoon so as a treat to them this Monday night, I bought them burgers, hotdogs and ice cream after we had our dinner. Aj and Jeng2 enjoyed the treat. It always makes me feel good to make a child happy. Around 8:30 pm, H and I talked over the phone and just his voice and knowing that he's alright makes me feel warm inside. This is a great Day.Feeling sleepy now. will be sleeping soundly in a while.
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