The Wife is the Husband's Glory

April 22, 2009 10:36pm CST
The husband may look so successful. He may look like a failure. But his glory cannot be judged by his accomplishments or even income or lot in life. It can only be seen through his wife. The wife reflects the glory of her husband. She does this by how she lives her life and what her character manifests. If she has a beautiful character, full of wisdom and maturity, and lives a simple but fruitful life, her husband shines radiant in glory, no matter his station in life. I've seen "successful" men with high educational attainments, high pays, posh cars and houses, sophisticated lifestyles, and enjoying respected in elite circles, yet their wives have rotten characters and unfulfilled lives, always hungering for attention and recognition, craving for more despite their affluence, and shockingly immature. Never satisfied. Some wives are battered, with low self esteem, and with incredible self-pity, while their husbands enjoy "respect" outside the home. But there are wives who, despite their calm nature and simplicity, are so fulfilled and confident, not because of their accomplishments or lot in life, but because of their strong relationship with their husbands. They do not need to prove anything about themselves--they know who and what they are, and that settles everything. Their husbands are equally simple and meek, yet powerful in mettle.
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• Philippines
28 Apr 09
If both of you has a strong relationship with God, no problem! There are wives who are not submissive with their husband especially if they attained a degree higher than their husband. but there were wives too eventhough they're bachelors or in a master degree still humble themselves and submissive because the loved their husbands so much. It's not the blessings outside is important but the relationship of both husband to his wife, vice versa. They should both walk in God.
@mimiang (3777)
• Philippines
24 Apr 09
I agree but it depends.If it is your husband's will to be bad, it is his own decision and the wife has nothing to do w/ it.