How does ebay work ?

@savero (10)
April 23, 2009 12:34am CST
How does ebay work ?. What's product ebay sell ?
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@zweeb82 (5713)
• Malaysia
24 Apr 09
eBay is an auction site that allows people to register a free account if they want to buy or sell there. As far as I know eBay themselves do not sell anything unless they go with an undercover ID, haha!~Just be sure to read the rules & regulations before using the site so as to protect yourself maybe it be buying or selling!~ All the best!~
@fasyahime (634)
• Malaysia
24 Apr 09
well to buy at eBay you have 3 option whether to bid,or buy it instantly or you can counter the seller's price by giving your best price! but it also depend to want kind of seller! if the seller's newbies,you only can bid the item but if you buying from power seller,you have other 2 option!;buy it now or give your best price(if seller give you that option) about how to sell,i don't know because I'm only joining eBay for buying,so i suggest you to search more info about it..huhu eBay sell lot's of kind of item from the rare item to everyday happy eBaying!
• Philippines
23 Apr 09
Ebay is a website where clients sell their product and buyers bid for the product that they want. Ebay earns when the transaction is done internationally or involves two parties from two different nations. You can buy anything, if not everything, on Ebay. It's cool site. You get to find some of the items that are not available in your place.