Why Nicole Why?! Now the Rapist has been Released

The Criminal - Daniel Smith - a US soldier guilty accused of raping girl from the Philippines. Now, released
April 23, 2009 6:02am CST
I just got back home from Work Today and decided to relax and watch some news at this time. Normally, I would simply focus on the news part about an anchor news's wife death. but this news had really boiled me at the point of explosion.. Why? because this news should have given the person justice for that rape case. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/6205324.stm but after Nicole some how retract her statement from before. it would seemed that Daniel Smith (not you if you have the same name) is a few days from coming home free. away from his crime. where is the justice in that?!! I fear these soldiers now than ever, i would prefer to stay away from them. I just no longer believe in our justice system, they bought her out for sure. I fell pity for this person who withdraw the fight..what do you feel as a woman, most specially if your from the Philippines. It's too late now, he's getting away from it.
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@Jean25 (344)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
She should have told us in the first place! I guess she was so afraid to tell the truth because the Militants were supporting him. I feel bad for her and those who supported her. She did mentioned that she has an American Boyfriend. I doubt she will have a good luck there because some Filipinos will hate her for sure.