why kindness is good for you

a lady helping an old woman - the old lady must have been too weak to stand up by herself; the good woman was kind enough to help her up.
April 23, 2009 10:59am CST
we have always admired those who are kind. kindness will not only make you happier, but i've heard that kindness can also help you live longer. so many things in life make us live life on the roughest of edges, things that sometimes stems from inconsideration or fear or whatever else gets a person down and out. imagine a world where everybody is a LITTLE bit kinder. you'd hear a bunch of thank you's everywhere. do you know that feeling you feel when you just did something kind or good spontaneously?..it is a very light, happy feeling, a fulfilling feeling. think about how others would feel if you have been genuinely kind to them; they'd feel twice as much lighter, happier AND grateful. just the smile you see on another person's thankful face is enough to motivate you to do more good things as often as possible. or better yet, live life in kindness and get that light, happy feeling with an act of random kindness! P.S. What is the kindest act you have ever done or seen done? Let me know!
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@hjlisas (25)
• Philippines
10 Jul 09
Although I'd like to see more kindness, than the opposite, everyday, it still blows me away when another driver patiently waits, gives way, and allows you to go through on an intersection. When a complete stranger shows you kindness, even just once, on an exceptionally lousy day, it just makes your day.