doctors these days

United States
April 23, 2009 12:32pm CST
what is it with doctors these days? i have had a lot of medical issues in my life, and have grown to not trust many doctors. my doctor that has been treating me for my depression for the past 5 years has suddenly changed her billing service, and now they won't take my insurance. since i can't afford to pay for the office visits in full, i have had to find another doctor that accepts my insurance and will treat my depression. this new doctor has managed to overdose me on my anti-depressants, obviously i stopped going there. i wish i could go back to my old doctor, she was awesome!! i can't believe they don't take my insurance anymore. the only other place i can go that takes my insurance is the county mental health facility, and they are so slow that is just makes everything worse. last time i tried to go there my appointment was at 1pm, but i was still in the waiting for at 4pm, still had not been seen. it just made me feel even worse so i had to get up and walk out without being seen. i could not stand just sitting there anymore. why can't i even find a good doctor that UNDERSTANDS depression and WANTS to help their patients? why is it always about being greedy and only accepting the insurance that pays the highest price for an office visit? what happened to HELPING PEOPLE??
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