How do you make money from

April 23, 2009 12:59pm CST
I'm new to the site and don't have a clue what I'm doing.
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@arkasen (748)
• India
23 Apr 09
Hi Fran. First of all welcome to mylot. This is a very good site where you can earn as well as have fun and come to know lots of interesting thing. Now coming to the topic that interest you the most. How to earn. You will earn here by replying to others discussion. Try to be descriptive while replying because writing one or two sentences in a reply will not help you earning. Another way you can earn is that if you have some interesting topic in your mind then start a new discussion. You will earn when people reply to your discussions. You can earn also by uploading picture. Give long description of the picture you are uploading. Stay active in the site and you will earn more. You can also take the tasks. Check the task tab in regular interval to see if there is any task available. Remember earnings are updated after 24 hours. So you must have keep Patience. Best of luck. Keep Mylotting.
@landi927 (657)
• China
23 Apr 09
You post, then you get paid!That's the basic rule on mylot.But it doesn't mean that if you post more, you can earn more money here.The fact is that you have to keep your discussions or responses in high quality.So that you can earn more money from per post you do.The tips is don't only type one-line response or discussion at any time.Try to write more about the topic.Of course, what you said must be related to the topic.You can't talk about something else.If you cannot keep your posts in high quality, other mylotters may give you a negative rate for your posts. In a result,your reputation will dropped.That means the value of your posts drop. But I suggest you not to think about the money all the time.Just enjoy mylotting!Once you get used to this wonderful site, you will know how to make more earning on mylot.