How would you face a do or die game?

April 23, 2009 3:02pm CST
In most of the ballgames, there is this crucial part what we call the do or die game. What would you do if ever you've encountered this situation whereas your back is already against the wall? How would you prepare for this kind of battle?I've experienced this before in our basketball game. We would be facing a now or never game. What I did as a captainball of our team, I encouraged my teammates to practice every week. They didn't refuse and was as eager as I am. We trained so hard for a couple of hours. I was a bit injured by then as well as my fellow mate who is as good as I am, we both sprained our ankles. That was already a challenge for us. To keep fighting even if we are hurt. We are the underdogs, by the way. For others see us, best section, as the weakest team. On the day of judgement, we were nervous but we gave it all. My injury even got a little bit serious for playing so hard and I have to sit off in the middle of the game. We lost by only a shot. We didn't regret anything but of course somehow disappointed for what the outcome of the game had been. But atleast we know for ourselves that we did our best and we proved them wrong from looking at us as a weak team for we had given them a nice game.
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@maxbest (97)
• China
27 Apr 09
in fact I had experience those matches you referred to.That are really crutial,and very critical moment.But luckly,every time of this moment,I almost played an important role and help our team to win the game.I was usually called as crucial shoter.
@rzrback (107)
• United States
24 Apr 09
Go all out and play to your max. All your coach can ask for.