Getting high grades but not studying well?

@kodigo (171)
April 23, 2009 8:37pm CST
Getting high grades but not studying well? Yes, Its possible, my cousin is like that. He is a Lazy civil engineering student in our No.1 State university. Hard headed boy but guess what he even manage to maintain a high GPA. making him one of the top ten in his course. How did he do it? he's not a genius but he just so intelligent and smart. If it is possible to transfer some of his knowledge into my brain like transferring songs from iTunes to iPod. Wahaha.. how I wish..
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• United States
24 Apr 09
Hmm... I choose that over getting low grades but studying like a addict.
@kath_b (116)
• Philippines
24 Apr 09
i dont know. well i took our local board exam for Nursing and i passed without actually getting down to study in the two months that we were reviewing. Maybe dont study on things that you may have encountered before but you meet them now and you sort of recall those taught to you before. I dont think that just having the knowledge would get you there to where you want. As an example, people, well some of my batchmate were cumlaude's in our batch but couldnt land the job that some of us have already. well, there's the truth, having the high grades (i do have it hahahaha) isnt all that matters maybe we need some charisma or luck or skills or talents to really get through. Life is tough. its survival of the fittest.
@catmei (54)
• China
24 Apr 09
what you say can be a severe but popular problem in many countries.yes,many students can get high gpa in middle school,high school or university by reciting, answering problems, but they may be rejected by the society when graduated for they don't own enough survival experience or skills,even what they have studied are far complexing to be useful. this problem can be called a phenomenon.The education system should be criticized for this. why we all should waste plenty of time to learn something that is only used in one area? why there is so limited oral teaching or live practice but too much paper exam? why something is too simple but we are taught too complexed in contrast why something is far complex than we can imagine but we are avoided by all means even we are old enough to learn? that's too much why can be listed. we must accept time and money are wasted away by the education and one shoule live his own way.