Expectations for sons and daughters: the same?

United States
April 23, 2009 9:05pm CST
We know that socialization starts at home. Our parents taught us the values we should possess. It is also in our homes that we are taught our gender roles. Daughters are expected to help the mother while the son is expected to be the right hand of the father. Times have changed and so thus gender roles. What about parents' expectations? What did your parents expect you to do? What do you expect of your sons and daughters?
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@wavelander (1530)
• Portugal
24 Apr 09
Of course! Always the best for them!
• Philippines
24 Apr 09
I think my family expect too much from me.I only have a brother and he acts like a little kid even if he is already married.I always save him from household chores to school work which is very irritating at times.But my parents will always say that I have to be patient and lend him a hand.But things should not be like that,i think boys should be thought on how to be more responsible and independent so they won't give headaches to their future wives.
• China
24 Apr 09
It is an academic issue. Some socialists and linguists have ever discussed the social roles of male and females, and thus published many relevant books. Of course, times are changing; the social roles of males and females are also changing. But to what extent our roles are changing? Maybe it depends on the country and situation you are in. In our country, parents expect their sons or daughters to have a good career, that is, successful in society. Nowadays, girls are also expected to a good finantial supporter for the family. In fact, many females are becoming a pillar in a family.They earn money, seldom do chores at home. Nowadays, many husbands do chores at home or some daily cleaner are employed. Some females acquire good reputation in their careers as males. Of course some traditional roles are not changed completely. Girls are gentle, delicate and careful by nature. They are willing to help mothers do cooking or sewing. Boys are phisically strong, they will help father carry boxes or do some labours. Nowadays most parents don't let their children grow freely. They have their own group, so naturally they will develop towards some directions.
@meandmy3 (2228)
• United States
24 Apr 09
Growing up I was expected to do everything that my brother did and vice versa. I cut grass, I chopped wood, my brother did laundry and learned to cook. We were all treated the same. Anything I could do, he could do, anything he could do I could do. I was always encouraged to do my best at all I could and never told I could not do anything. My kids are told the same thing and yes my boys will learn to cook and do their own laundry.