With the current state of the economy, what are you doing to save money?

@viga01 (28)
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April 23, 2009 10:02pm CST
Maybe some of us will come across ideas we hadn't thought of to cut our expenses and ease our budgets during this difficult time. Personally, my family has cut out or reduced most non-essential items like cell phone plans, reducing our use of heat/air conditioning etc. To go a little deeper, I've started making my own laundry detergent, which is MUCH cheaper than store-bought detergent, and I've started hanging my laundry to dry to reduce the electricity bill. We always plant a garden, but this year, it will be much bigger than usual to help take a bite out of our food budget. I'm also more careful about attempting to repair clothing and other things that get broken that I might have otherwise just replaced. What kinds of things are you doing to cut your expenses?
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24 Apr 09
Anything and everything I can, but I have yet to be able to save anything because all of our money goes straight into bills. We have actually tapped out our savings to help make up for the lack of work from hubby's job. We cut back on our heating/air as well and started making sure lights were shut off, turning off tvs at night, shutting down and turning off computers, etc. and we noticed a $40 decrease in our electric bill just this month. We are in progress of installing a clothes line in our backyard so I can hang dry clothes when it gets a bit warmer. We also attempted to plant a garden but unfortunately we don't think its going to take off... Hopefully our economy will bounce back soon and we won't have to worry about cutting back so terribly much.
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