i have problems with globe broadband!

globe broadband - also hating it?
April 24, 2009 12:36am CST
sorry, im starting to hate my ISP now. im referring to globe broadband.im always disconnected. when it comes back the streaming is so slow and i can hardly open my mails. i felt sick of it since i can't work faster. a friend of mine used to oppose of having my globebroad brand because he had experience its crappy service. i didn't believe him now im suffering. do we share the same problem?
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@fixnwin (22)
• Malaysia
24 Apr 09
sometimes,me here in malaysia also hate my broadband connection.if i go to the non 3g area,the connection will be very slow and often disconnected.the broadband really works in 3g connection,very fast download and upload but really makes me impatient when it's starting to work slower..
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@chaselee (240)
• Philippines
24 Apr 09
I'm using globe broadband also. Yeah we suffer the same fate. Actually, I'm a regular caller there because I'm always complaining about their internet connection. For some reason they always have this network maintenance thing that takes up to 3 days to fix. Last month when I called their customer service I ask the girl if I can have my line cut because of poor service. She said that I can do that but I will have to pay a certain amount to have it cut. I got mad then I told her that they are not giving the service that they promised so why would they charge me for wanting to cut my subscription with them. I enumerated all the flaw in their service. Eventually, she said that they sometimes cut the lines without any fee if the problem is really with their service. Unfortunately, I'm still using their service because I needed to have my new internet provider first before cutting theirs. Still surveying for the perfect internet provider. Just a thought, maybe you can also ask the customer service if you can have your connection cut without paying anything since its their fault that you wanted to stop it. Oh well.. Good luck to all globe broadband subscribers!
@net_ankit (643)
• India
24 Apr 09
In India I am using Hathway broadband service, I am very happy with this service provider no problem with them, but in some area they complaint about them. I think you have to do complaint & tell him that if they won't provide good service then you will unsubscribe form their service. you should go for another ISP.