do you experience having a relationship with a gay or lisbian?

@mymaria (379)
April 24, 2009 2:58am CST
in my own opinion, i respect both side of them. if i answer this quetion, for me i donot experience having a relationship with a gay or lisbian. i dont like to fall inlove, maybe there are some girls.
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@chiyosan (29887)
• Philippines
24 Apr 09
no. i haven't had any relationship of that nature and i guess i will never do. i am not a lesbian so i dont have plans to do so. besides i am happily attached right now. :D
@fasyahime (634)
• Malaysia
24 Apr 09
nope..if i did that i am sure lot's of my family member will send me to see doctor or prison me in house until i get married! huhu.. i have no problem with gay and lesbian and respect them as they are but in my view this relationship will hurt both of them in the end because they won't be very happy because of objection from lot's of about their children that they adopt,i am sure the children will be affected the most!.. but i also see lot's of gay and lesbian couple do happy until the end of their life,but only small portion of couple only!and that is the fact that people can't deny!
@yonkie (440)
• Philippines
24 Apr 09
I never been to a relationship with a girl. And I don't wanna try. When I was in high school, there was a girl who seems to like me. She gave me chocolates and a teddy bear. I accepted her gifts. However, I told her frankly that whatever her plans it will be until friendship. Thanks God she understand.
• Canada
24 Apr 09
I've never been in a lesbian relationship, or a heterosexual one for that matter. I'm like you in the sense that I don't fall in love. But if I fell in love with a woman, I wouldn't mind having a relationship with her. After all, love is love. It doesn't matter what the gender of the person is.