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@cainam (493)
April 24, 2009 4:59am CST
your boyfriend/girlfriend texted you: "we're done. i'm breaking up with you. bye. what could be your reply?
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• Philippines
24 Apr 09
"ok." lol. i don't know. i've never experienced that but if i do. i'll probably just accept everything even if i get hurt because he probably won't say that to me if he still loves me. but i'm pretty much sure it'll be a case to case basis. depending on how much i love the guy probably.
@dpk262006 (56558)
• Delhi, India
24 Apr 09
I would reply - "Will you please talk to me and spell out the reasons for the break up, before we finally decide to part". For me it is important to know the reasons, which comelled her to send this kind of text.
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• United States
24 Apr 09
That's funny this just happen to me a year and 3 month's before I got married (our at least around that time lol) 1st I text back is this really you..(her sister like to use her cell phone too..) 2nd I ask are you for sure 3rd Ask did I do anything 4th said hope you have a good life.. So around 3 month's later Ran into her she said she was wrong and wanted to come back I said sorry I couldn't because I was seeing someone else (not true) so for me if you start a relastionship face to face you should end it the same way anyway else your not wort it...
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• Canada
26 Apr 09
I'd tell them they weren't man enough if they couldn't do it face to face. Yes I understand doing something like this is hard face to face, but come on if you are going to leave someone you should be doing it face to face not threw email, the phone, text message etc. Do it face to face and supply the reason.
• China
25 Apr 09
I will reply:"Baby,have I done sth wrong?Can you tell me the reason why you want to break up with me?Can you give me a chance and I will turn a new leaf.I really love you very much.My life can't be without you."Though I have no girlfriend now.but I have once experienced a kind of emotion eclipse.A girl I once get hooked on refused my love bitterly.I can feel when your darling want to break up with you...
@skysuccess (8881)
• Singapore
24 Apr 09
cainam, I would not even want to contribute an effort for last words to a person who cannot face up to say these words. These characters aren't just worth my attention and efforts. So, just like bad checks I will just literally write her off! Cheers.