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April 24, 2009 6:59am CST
I worked in a call center for about 9 months. It was very boring and I had a hard time staying focused. I loved all the people I worked with because they got as bored as I did so we all made it fun (well as fun as we could) I did not like sitting on the phone for 8 hours a day repeating the same speech over and over again all day. It got to be way too boring for me and I had to quit. I find that working in call centers is very boring and its not the kind of job for me. I would rather be working outside, or be able to walk around and not have to talk on the phone all day. What do you think? Would you rather work in a call center or work somewhere where you have freedom to walk around and dont have to sit in an office chair all day?
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@mEisky (825)
• Philippines
15 May 11
Well, being a call center agent could sometimes be more fun to others. :) I've got lots of friends who's working as an agent, and I even wanna try working in that too. :)