650 visitors per day, is it enough for a new blog?

April 24, 2009 7:22am CST
Hi, I'm newbie in blogging world. January 2009, I launch my blog. And now (April 25, 2009) it has 650 unique visitors per day, and Alexa Rank 1,270,122. My question is, how many visitor per day a blog must have to call it popular. And how do I can generate earning from my traffic since my blog is not in English. Thanks.
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@impaktita (966)
• Philippines
16 Jul 09
wow thats actually a very good amount of visitors if your talking per day!
@roysville (496)
• Philippines
26 Apr 09
I guess that's a good sign. Although, I really won't suggest that you always pay attention to it as it may affect your blogging, especially when you see the figures dropping. You can however see what they were reading, or find out what led them to your blog. Then try to write as much as you can on the subject or things related to the subject. But the most important thing, for me at least, is that you should enjoy blogging.
• Philippines
26 Apr 09
wow 650 visors a day after just a few months of blogging? that's hit and i think you are a professional blogger. how did you do that? maybe we can gain ideas if you will post the link of your blog here. congrats. but to really earn, please post it in english...
• Afghanistan
25 Apr 09
how did you gain such large unique visitor..where did you join?
• China
24 Apr 09
I don't know what your blog is like and don't just expect to earn money from it at the moment. Why did people visit your blog? They did because they thought your blog is of interest and valueable. If you can't keeping your blog in this manner, your traffic won't grow or even drop. My voice might sound uncomfortable. But it's to the point. good luck!