would you take an exam without reviewing or studying??

April 24, 2009 8:08am CST
i am given a free examination voucher to take an exam this coming sunday and i got no time to really seat and "study" on it. not to mention, so manic in the office with lot of deadlines and things to do. but i got no choice, do i?? since i got a free slot then i should try my best to take the exam and hope that i can pass even without reviewing. but if failing would be the result, nevertheless i got an advantage on having an idea what's the exam all about and would help me on what to focus next time if i will decide to retake. seizing the day is the only answer i could think of. wish me luck guys and gals! ciao!
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• Malaysia
25 Apr 09
wow you're so brave. good luck! i hope you pass the exam! i wouldn't dare to take an exam without studying first. but i guess if you know some of the stuff then it should be okay. hope all goes well!
@angemac23 (2005)
• Canada
24 Apr 09
I have often taken exams or tests without studying....I absorb information well and do not need to memorize what I learn therefore I dont need to study and I usually get good grades when I am in school.