double payment

United States
April 24, 2009 10:13am CST
i am so mad right now i paid one of my bills and the company took it out twice so it made my account go into the negative and it may of caused a check to bounce so my husband called the company and they are like well we can get you another month , well thats not going to take care of my account so we had to fax over the paper work showing they took it out twice , so now i am waiting for the bank to call me back and let me know if the one check bounced so that way if it did we are going to make the company pay that as well because it's there fault not mine, has anyone ever been double charged because of a company mistake.
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@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
24 Apr 09
hi psychotaz206! oh that sucks! yeah, i hate when that happens ...and it is not our fault. and to think that in the end, we are the ones who suffer for it. i know they will make amends, like make the refund, but the damage has been done already..the effort, the hassle, etc. nothing can be done to compensate for that. anyway, sometimes companies can be inefficient. that happened to me with my insurance company. they charged me twice for my annual fee, so that means i have paid them two years in advance. i didn't ask for a refund, i just didn't pay them the following year. but still, why would i pay twice for that matter? i mean i could have used the money somewhere and earned interest. oh well... i hope everything will work out for you. take care and God bless you!