Have you actually read the rules on here?

United States
April 24, 2009 11:14am CST
This question constantly comes to my mind when I start looking over to see what people are posting as discussions. I guess the board that this pertains to more is the making extra money interests. It is clearly started that links are not suppose to be posted in your discussions or you aren't going to earn money from them yet most of the boards are exactly that. And what makes me laugh is all the people that complain about how much money they are getting and they don't realize that small responses don't get you money and neither do replies like "Thanks for posting", etc. So myLotters - have you actually taken the time to read the rules so you make as much from what you are posting or are you just hoping that whatever you are posting happens not to break the rules?
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• Australia
25 Apr 09
I haven't read through them properly, only a scan, I guess. I just try to get involved in discussions that interest me & try to start discussions that I hope will be of interest unless I need advice then I will post a discussion asking advice. I try not to leave a too short a post & try to respond to answers to my discussions - sometimes I don't but it depends on how busy I am or if the post deserves a response.
@bayernfan (1430)
• Canada
24 Apr 09
I followed a similar line as veganprince. I am a member on several online forums, and sometimes there is a tendency to view them all the same. Many times rules are similar and layout or features are exactly the same on different boards. It's not always easy to convince yourself that you are still a newbie on one site when you have much experience posting on other forums. Having posts deleted was the wake-up call that I needed. Most of the time this happened to me when I left comments in a discussion started by someone else who broke the rules. This is why I have checked out the guidelines link at the bottom of myLot pages on occasion. Link violations are rampant in the making money forum. The most frequent mistake that I notice members making is starting discussions promoting a milestone. Cheers.